It’s not enough just to make a good swing to send the ball to the right spot. Indeed, all golf enthusiasts know it: every good golfer owes his performance to his golf clubs.

What is a golf club?

The golf club is the essential equipment for the golfer. It is the accessory that allows him to hit the ball to reach the hole in a golf course. The golf club is a type of club essentially composed of a grip on which it is held, a shaft which constitutes its body, and a head which is in direct contact with the ball.

And to each type of shot generally corresponds a club adapted to hit the ball well, which is why the golfer’s carriage is generally made up of 4 types of clubs, namely the wood, the iron, the hybrid and the putter. Each differs in material, size, weight and head shape.

Which is the best golf club? 

Golf clubs can be purchased new or used, depending on your budget.

The best value for money: PGM Putter for Rio 2016 golf by Crestgolf

Offering a very good grip and an elegant look, this men’s golf equipment is perfect for a beginner or occasional golfer. Its shaft is made of steel, with a rubber grip and an advanced zinc alloy head. It weighs 600 g and measures 90 x 12 x 3 cm.

The best cheap model: One Ball Golf Putter by Longridge

Ideal for training at home or in the office, this inexpensive golf club is made of solid materials. It features a handy alignment aid to improve the alignment of your face and also has a graphite shaft and a weighted head for a better feeling of control. Its velvet grip provides exceptional comfort.

The best top of the range model: PGM and Wedge chippers golf club

Perfect for right or left handed golfers, this club with its double design allows them to play properly in a normal position. It is specialized in the green, but also in the attack, with a size of 88.9 cm. The latter is made of chrome molybdenum steel and rubber.

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