Gala dinner amid epidemic causes storm in Irish politicians

# GolfGate.For several days, Ireland has been rocked by a political and health scandal.The cause? A gala dinner organized for the 50 years of the Oireachtas Golf Society, the golf club of the Irish Parliament, on Wednesday August 19, in a hotel in County Galway, so the coronavirus is still actively circulating in Europe and in particular in Ireland, 82 people were invited for the occasion, including a large number of parliamentarians, the European Commissioner for Trade and a judge of the Supreme Court, according to information from the daily "Irish Examiner".

The problem: the day before the event, the authorities decided to toughen sanitary measures by banning gatherings of more than six people indoors.This gala is therefore a violation of sanitary restrictions.Moreover, on Friday August 21, an investigation for "violations" of the law was opened by the Irish police, again according to the daily.

"A monumental error in judgment"

On the initiative of this event, Donie Cassidy, former senator and current president of the Oireachtas Golf Society, said that the dinner took place in accordance with the guidelines on the coronavirus, confirmed by the Irish Hotels Federation (IHF), namely Maximum 50 people indoors, reports the Irish Mirror.However, according to Dr Ronan Glynn, interviewed by the newspaper, it was "very clear" that the dinner did not comply with public health guidelines.Wearing the mask : "The protection of others remains an abstract issue for most of us"

Indeed, according to the "Irish Examiner", the guests were divided into two rooms of less than 50 people, but they were up to 10 per table.The partition between the two rooms was finally removed for the speeches.

Posted Date: 2020-09-07

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